Alien: Covenant (2017)

This one will probably be short, both because I have few complaints about the movie, and because I know very little about the Alien franchise. I’ve seen Alien and Aliens (watched them the day I went to see Covenant!), but for some reason I’ve never been able to sit through Prometheus without reading, or sewing, or just doing something else to take my mind off of how little I enjoy it. That being said, although you don’t have to watch all of the Alien movies to understand Covenant, you do have to watch Prometheus. And you may like it. But I didn’t.


Covenant, on the other hand, I loved. It’s exciting, it’s gory, and it really seemed to embrace the atmosphere of the Alien universe, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. It’s a high stakes adventure, with over two thousand lives at risk, and it’s not afraid to kill off its characters. Seriously, they should have called this movie Alien: Widowmaker, for all the spouses it axed in 123 minutes. If you’ve seen it, you understand what I’m saying.

Another thing Covenant gave us was the chance to see David as a full-fledged villain, which I thought was extremely interesting. His interactions with Walter, and how their relationship changed over time, was my favorite part of the movie. The lifelike nature of AI in the Alien franchise brings them very close to humanity, but it’s still difficult for them to bridge the gap, and that sort of existential frustration manifests in very different ways in these two characters. The interactions between them gave us a much deeper understanding of David than what was offered in Prometheus, and throughout the movie’s runtime, you could clearly see Walter questioning what he was capable of becoming. Two great performances by Michael Fassbender, and an altogether excellent film.




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