Baby Driver (2017)

This movie was stylish as hell.

I’ve seen Edgar Wright films before (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), but never anything quite like this. This is the story of Baby, a getaway driver who makes his escapes to the beat of his neverending playlist. It’s also the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

The first scene of the film was shot like a music video; it roped me in after about three seconds, and after that, my eyes never left the screen. The way Wright uses Baby’s music to choreograph the action sequences in this film is fantastic. He times each character’s movements to the impact moments of each song, and matches the percussive gunshots and slamming car doors to the beat. The result is, in a word, awesome.


The importance of music in Baby Driver reminded me, unsurprisingly, of Guardians of the Galaxy, another movie with scenes that sync up rather well to the main character’s playlist. The difference here being Quill loves his music, but Baby needs his to function. It wasn’t the innovative style of the choreography that drew me in at first; it was the main character. Baby himself is a protagonist that raises a lot of questions, and has enough charm (in his own way) that he’s very easy to get attached to. In the words of Kevin Spacey’s character, “He’s a good kid, and a devil behind the wheel.” Baby’s sympathetic, relatively moral, slightly compulsive, and an all-around fun character to watch.

The one thing I disliked about this movie was the love story, which was bland as hell. I mean, I didn’t go into this action movie expecting (what’s a good love story, uh… a really great love story…) Yuri on Ice, but I (nailed it) at least wanted something that felt real. And Lily Collins’ character running off with Baby after *SPOILERS AHEAD* watching him shoot a man in the chest, just didn’t seem believable.

Baby Driver has so much going for it. It’s well paced, funny, exciting, and uses music in a way that’s honestly ruined me for other crime thrillers and music videos. It’s probably the best movie I’ve seen so far this year, just really fun to watch. I completely recommend it.




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